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Tim Asher, Alum, Class of 2001
Charity Austin, Alum, Class of 2006 (In Memoriam, Kevin Austin, Alum, Class of 2007)
Anna Barlow, Alum, Class of 2020
Ashlee Boner, Alum, Class of 2020
Meggan Brown, Alum, Class of 2022
Laura Buhman, Alum, Class of 2017
Bob Bush, Alum, Class of 2001
Jenna Carlock, Alum, Class of 2019
Stacy Cole, Alum, Class of 2005
Marcia Cox, Alum, Class of 2021
Rachel Davidson, Alum, Class of 2019
Alicia Endicott, Alum, Class of 2018
Michelle Fagerstone, Alum, Class of 2016
Jeff Ferguson, Alum, Class of 2011
Christel Gollnick, Alum, Class of 2015
Malinda Grant, Alum, Class of 2016
Jason Helton, Alum, Class of 2001
Granville “Chip” and Pam Holman, Alumni, Class of 2019
Robert Jandorf, Alum, Class of 2017
Jennifer Jarvis, Alum, Class of 2021
Courtney Jimenez, Alum,
Class of 2020
Linda Judah, Alum, Class of 2008
Arnie Kreek, Alum, Class of 2012
Micah Landes, Alum, Class of 2014
Teresa Linville-Mier, Alum, Class of 2020
Curt Livengood, Alum, Class of 2008
Tonya Lohman, Alum, Class of 2010
Shane Lynch, Alum, Class of 2021
Mackenzie Manring, Alum, Class of 2020
Randy Mendenhall, Alum, Class of 2020
Wes Moore, Alum, Class of 2017
Jomel Nichols, Alum, Class of 2015
Paula Overfelt, Alum, Class of 2001
Kendra Pickering, Alum, Class of 2022
Deb Powers, Alum, Class of 2001
Josh Prater, Alum, Class of 2015
Mark Quick, Alum, Class of 2015
Robert Ritterbusch, Alum, Class of 2008
Steve Schieber, Alum, Class of 2001
Darla Shipley, Alum, Class of 2016
Steve Snook, Alum, Class of 2001
Jenna Stevens, Alum, Class of 2021
Mike Stolte, Alum, Class of 2021
Ashley Swartz, Alum, Class of 2018
Kris Umbarger, Alum, Class of 2017
Jack Vernon, Alum, Class of 2001 and Virginia “Ginny” Vernon, Alum, Class of 2007
Brenda Williams, Alum, Class of 2007
Stephanie Williams, Alum, Class of 2017

This is what some of our 2023 class participants had to say about their Leadership Northwest Missouri experience:

“Leadership Northwest Missouri was such an amazing, worthwhile experience. I will carry the connections that I have made long after this experience has completed. The skills (professionally and personally) I was able to develop and grow will continue to benefit my family, community, and my organization. There is something so powerful about uniting with leaders across the Northwest MO Region to work collaboratively on tackling regional issues. The synergy that comes from such a diverse group of individuals working together to make the communities we live and work the best they possibly can be, is something extremely powerful. I’m so grateful I was granted the opportunity to participate in Leadership Northwest Missouri. I know I am truly better because of this experience.”
Kelsi Meyer, Nodaway County

“I would recommend Leadership Northwest Missouri to anyone wanting to get into a leadership role. Often people think that a leader is the one who tells us what to do and where to go. This training course proves the statement above incorrect. Leaders coming out of this program have an entire tool belt of ways to act, think, and communicate as a leader. On top of that, this course helps you build friendships and connections within the Northwest part of Missouri. You visit the multiple regions and learn a little bit about each one and what makes them tick. From guest speakers to “Tim Time,” you will leave this course with an encouraged heart ready to lead your workplace, home, and community.”
Cole Soptic, Grundy County

“Participating in Leadership Northwest Missouri Class of 2023 has been an incredibly transformative experience. From day one, I was immersed in a dynamic, supportive learning environment that fostered personal and professional growth. The curriculum was thoughtfully designed, covering various leadership topics and providing practical tools for success in Northwest Missouri. The passionate and knowledgeable facilitators shared invaluable insights and challenged us to think critically and creatively. Through engaging discussions and collaborative projects, I formed lasting connections with a diverse group of talented individuals, expanding my network and broadening my perspectives. This program has equipped me with the skills, confidence, and inspiration to become a more effective and influential leader in my region. I highly recommend the Leadership Northwest Missouri class to anyone seeking to enhance their leadership abilities.”
John C. Nab, Caldwell County

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